Words Along the Way

It’s been six years since we walked as a family of four.

As we have gone on along the way, I have taken pictures, found pictures, found quotes, made up quotes. I’ve stopped to take in beauty, take in words, take in anything that opened my heart to what might serve as a balm for the wound I carried and still do.

I wanted to sojourn in any place that offered me peace. I often found solace in words spoken not by a person but words written by people unknown or people great. The stillness of words that wouldn’t taper off or come with the expectation of a reply from me. Just words.

So, I have gathered a collection of them for you. Maybe they will help you in some way or perhaps lessen your heart wave of grief – if even for a moment. And one moment leads to another moment and another…and another.

I want to share with you the brokenness of my heart and the hope that comes from seeing beauty even in the darkness. I’ve traveled this road you are currently on, and I want to offer you what I have.

– Kelly