About The Pendant

The Mike Bamford Foundation M-Prints Pendant Program was created to comfort grieving families with a lasting memorial to the life of their child. Pressed in fine silver, the child’s fingerprint is captured on a pendant which can be hung on a chain and held near to the heart.
These pendants are available at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Two gift pendants are offered to families of a terminally ill child on The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders floor. We offer additional pendants for purchase, the proceeds of which will go to support our pendant program.

I taught myself to make these pendants at my kitchen table. Through trial and error, I found a way to produce a gift worth giving to you. I have friends who donate the use of their kiln for the firing of pendants and more friends chip in and help finish them. There is a community of families who want to help give to families like you.

The love for a child is felt universally by all walks of life and runs deep through the hearts of every mother and father. It is an unspoken language and yet understood by all. It is our love for our children that compels us to help you keep the love of your child near you.